Saturday, May 7, 2011

Here's Ernest!

I thought it was finally time to introduce Porter's baby brother, and now that I am done with work for the summer I have much more time to do it.

Ernest is from the great state of Idaho and a breeder there, Skyline Scotties. When we started looking for another dog It was actually my husband's idea (oh how the times have changed between Porter and Ernest) we still weren't qualified to rescue (no one would give us a second look even with me being part of the rescue network) so I went looking for breeders close to where we were that I thought were great that is how we found this little guy. No one wanted him or his brother because they were boys and wheaton, (sad) we had thought we wanted a girl when we first started looking, we thought that would be easier for Porter. We saw a picture of the little guy and couldn't say no, plus Porter loves puppies so we weren't too worried. I went to go pick him up and the rest is history I had never thought that getting two dogs of the same breed they would be so different but they are. Ernest is noisy, extremely food motivated and people oriented to the point of sometimes neediness all in all everything Porter is not, but he still has lots of the Scottie tendencies and is the perfect yin to Porter's yang. The one thing I can say is the biggest blessing about his character is he truly wants to be around us & even comes back off leash when called, who would have thought it? He is a big softy and fits in perfect to that spot that was missing in our house, we all love him even his big brother Porter.
Ernest's Favorite things:
Food. Anything, we have not found a single thing yet he will not at least try and eat.
Being pet, all the time, by anyone.
Porter, he hero worships his big brother.
Other than that Ernest is so happy go lucky I could put most things in this category.

His Least Favorite things:
Being brushed
Certain smells like tea tree, his lips curl up over his teeth in the funniest way, not in a "I'm going to bite you" way.
Not being allowed around people
Weather, anything but 60* or better and sunny puts him in a bad mood, he HATES the wind, it doesn't scare him he just hates it.

Ernest is a simple dog, very easy to love, especially with the Scottie traits he does have to go with all the good.

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  1. Thanks for that. See sometimes what you get is better than what you wanted. He sounds like he just slotted right in there perfectly.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella