Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Exchange

Happy Holidays from the Scotties! This year we again were part of Jazzi's gift exchange. I wonderful Scottie named Wallace got Porter and here we let him open his gift right away. He was so excited, he loved everything so much. He got a rope ball, tuff pig toy, a squeaky non stuffed squirrel toy, some yummy carob & peanut butter biscuits and a soft and perfect-fitting coat that was even his color, red!

that pig toy, he gets out of the toy box every time I put it away. Of course Ernest had to swoop in and try to steal all of the lovely presents. We cannot wait until Ernest gets his and our recipients open their gifts!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Update

So the boys absolutely love the new food they are on, and there has been even less itching and scratching than usual. Porter used to not eat his food unless I added canned food or cheese to it and now he happily chows down with nothing added. As for the questions I was going to say that Acana also has a fish food called Pacifica that has 3 different types of fresh caught fish and is a great price point. They also have a 6 fish Orijen food which has even more fresh animal protein but is quite a bit more expensive, the company does offer a frequent feeder program though so for every 12 bags you buy, you get one free. They also have cat food for those of you with feline companions. Check it out there are lots of choices for lots of picky eaters or allergy sufferers. All and all we are very happy with our new food.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Ernest!!

Today is Ernest's 2nd birthday, doesn't he kinda look like the Lorax??? Okay maybe that is just me. 
We got him a couple of gifts. 

He has already enjoyed playing with them and so far the squeakers and stuffing have stood up to the Scottie Test. There is also a dog cookie made by a local bakery owned by a Scottish couple (how appropriate?) and some very strong toys for him to enjoy and don't worry we got a cookie for Porter too. We were thinking about taking the boys on a nice long walk but for natures own April fools day joke, it is snowing. Later the boys will each get a nice bone for dinner. 
So Happy Birthday Ernest! 
I hope you enjoy your day even a fraction as much as we enjoy having you.

Friday, March 23, 2012

We are changing foods.

Now that I am working at a pet food store I have had a lot more information thrust on me and time to do research and so I have decided to switch the boys diet. We were on Taste of the Wild which is a wonderful food and the first that I found to help Porter's skin problems (he has been way less itchy since we started on TotW) but I feel like it's time for a change. Isn't kind of awful to think of eating the same thing everyday of your life? So we are switching to a wonderful Canadian food, Canada regulates food a little better than the U.S. and requires more info of it's food companies. The company is called Champion Pet foods and we are on the Acana Grasslands. It's labeling and ingredients are very transparent and what makes me feel even better about the choice is the locality and sustainability of all of the ingredients plus it's grain free which is wonderful. The more I learn about dog food companies the grumpier I get but so far I am just too lazy to do raw food, though I am planning on trying dehydrated food like Honest Kitchen at some point, the boys are still young so trying new things is great for all of us. What kind of food are you on? What do you think of it?

*I am not being payed or compensated in any way from any of these brands.*