Friday, March 23, 2012

We are changing foods.

Now that I am working at a pet food store I have had a lot more information thrust on me and time to do research and so I have decided to switch the boys diet. We were on Taste of the Wild which is a wonderful food and the first that I found to help Porter's skin problems (he has been way less itchy since we started on TotW) but I feel like it's time for a change. Isn't kind of awful to think of eating the same thing everyday of your life? So we are switching to a wonderful Canadian food, Canada regulates food a little better than the U.S. and requires more info of it's food companies. The company is called Champion Pet foods and we are on the Acana Grasslands. It's labeling and ingredients are very transparent and what makes me feel even better about the choice is the locality and sustainability of all of the ingredients plus it's grain free which is wonderful. The more I learn about dog food companies the grumpier I get but so far I am just too lazy to do raw food, though I am planning on trying dehydrated food like Honest Kitchen at some point, the boys are still young so trying new things is great for all of us. What kind of food are you on? What do you think of it?

*I am not being payed or compensated in any way from any of these brands.*

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, I am back.

I am sorry. I keep meaning to write. Now, I am gonna. Firstly, I got a job working at a wonderful Pet Mercantile, and now that I am done training I have finally gotten back on schedule. The boys are wonderful, Ernest's 2nd Birthday is coming up on April 1st (yes he is a fools baby makes a lot of sense huh?) and they have their wonderfully long and shaggy end of winter cuts that are getting removed this week. I am getting them both shaved, I know how demeaning of me but the less mud for me makes it easier and the less they have to be brushed they are happy. Next, we have only 2 more months left in Spokane, after that it looks like we are headed home west, as of now, to Everett Washington. Unless, of course, Steve finds a job elsewhere that is where we are going and I couldn't be much happier about it, honestly. Our weather is also improving finally and after a not so long (it just always seems miserably long) winter we took the boys for a nice long nature walk yesterday. That is about all for our news as it stands now. I hope everyone is doing well and we want to thank all of our Terrier friends for hanging on and being there. Happy almost Spring!