Sunday, April 24, 2011

Introducing Porter

I Thought today would be a good day to let everyone meet Porter and to learn a little more about him. For me it had been a dream since I was very young to be owned by a Scottie I always thought I had a lot in common with the breed, stubborn, smart and very determined, plus I always loved history and they have had their part in so much of it and who can watch Lady & the Tramp without falling in love with Jock? Porter was born June 22, 2008, the day Porter came to live with us was one of my happiest days ever he was SO cute with his head about the same size as the rest of his body. He was my husbands first dog ever (he didn't have dogs growing up) so that took some getting used to for him but it was truly love at first site for us both. I have lots of great stories about him that I am thinking they will come up in later posts so I thought I would end with his likes and dislikes.

Porters Favorite Things:
His crate (he has loved it since the moment he came home)
Squeakys especially balls that squeak
The dog park though he isn't as well behaved as we would hope.
The beach
Car Rides where he doesn't have to be in his crate.

His least favorite things:
Sports games on the T.V.
People moving him when he is sleeping
Not getting his way
Diesel Engines
His brother (kinda)

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Works.

Since I shared yesterday what toys don't work in our house, I thought today I would share what toys do work for our household. First off are the toys that I have found that not only do the boys love but stand up pretty well to there constant rough-housing, Planet Dog toys are great not only are they very durable but the boys love them and they are and eco-friendly company and a large number of their toys are made in the U.S. the next are the Tuffy's toys the seams are reinforced so even for the most avid chewers getting to the insides is pretty tough some of them have squeakers and they all have insides that let the guys kinda crunch them with their jaws (sounds awful but it's what they like). Lastly the most dog community contested of all the toys Nylabones, and I know some of you think them great, some of you think them awful all I can say is so far we have had no problems all of my furniture is still intact and they love them we do also have antlers as you have seen so we go both ways. Those are the durable toys that survive the house Every now and then we find something either super cheap that if they ruin it it's no big loss or we find a toy strong enough we think it can survive the household. We also have many Kong products which have been slightly hit or miss. For toys that the dogs love that survive out of pure miracle are the eggs that go inside Egg babies Porter truly loves them and takes care of them especially the blue ones we don't know why and then there are Cuz balls which though parts of them are durable the things like the feet cannot be trusted with our guys we have had to cut them off and the squeakers are INCREDIBLY annoying but the guys love em so we are just more cautious about them in the house. Any toy with a weakness will be found out and some get their squeaks broken within seconds. Porter also loves soccer and tennis balls while Ernest likes anything he thinks he should be able to eat or rip the stuffing out of. I sometimes think they should work in some sort of toy testing establishment because I have seen toys Rottweilers won't break but my Scotties do. Ohh and these are all toys that they still find entertaining there are plenty of tough toys that fell flat because there was nothing to them to be entertained by. For these guys I feel like they either need a squeaker or to be squishy ball. Anybody else have a good dog toy recommendation?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toy Terminators

So you might have been thinking why do those two need so many new things in their Easter basket and this is why. Yesterday I cleaned out the toy box and it ended up looking like a toy graveyard and only half of their toys have survived the spring cleaning monster that is me. These are only the ones beyond repair I have a couple that are high up on the shelf waiting for me to fix them. We now only buy the most durable or very cheapest of toys because those are somehow the ones that survive. Are all Scotties this destructive or just these two?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I was asked about our wedding today.

So I thought I would share a few pictures. S & I were married last September here in Spokane at a place called High Country Orchard of course the boys were involved.
These photos were taken by the wonderful and super talented Ana Hopkins.


Once again inspired by Ms. Jazzi I thought I would post a little picture of what this years Easter basket looks like for the boys.
For all those wondering what is all that stuff? There is an elk antler, two bully sticks, 4 eggs for egg babies (they have squeakies) a big Tuffy's eel and a dog chocolate (carob) egg and carrot cake dog treats from one of our favorite stores.
I think the boys will be quite satisfied with a whole basket of stuff for them that they don't understand why they are getting. I don't think either of them will look a gift horse in the mouth though.

Friday, April 15, 2011


This all began because not only did I truly want to get back to writing but I entered Porter and Ernest into a contest at for best bunny go check it out if you want. We are only holding the lead by about 5. Voting ends tomorrow, I will keep my fingers crossed.

Pictures of the guys

I thought I would add a few pics of the guys for everyone's enjoyment.  Porter is the black/brindle guy and Ernest is the wheaton

And so it begins

It has been requested of me to start this wonderful next page in my life to keep friends and family updated and to maybe, just maybe become involved in a much larger community and family of bloggers particularly other Scottish Terrier owners like myself. I with tell a little about myself and my family for those of you new to my life. I am a 24 year old gal living in good ol' Spokane, Washington, I have lived in the state my whole life which when you think about it it's not the worst state to never leave though I prefer the west side above and beyond the east where I am now. At the tender age of 19 I met the guy who I would on a very Washington type weather day in September 2010 agree to spend my days with until death or at least until the zombie apocalypse. By this point in our lives we had been joined by two of the most wonderful dogs anyone could ever ask for Porter, now almost 3 y/o Black/brindle Scottish Terrier and his fellow Ernest now 1, a wheaten Scottie.   I am currently a barista on G.U.'s campus and my husband is a grad student. I can almost guarantee that this blog will end up 80% about the Scotties with a little about the rest of my current life experiences mixed in. SO there you are hello and nice to meet you, Welcome to my little world from here to you wherever you may be.