Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wait till you see what Ernest did

A few days ago I decided to take the boys for a quick car ride to their favorite pet store (just blocks away). We got there and there was another dog walking out of the store (it's a very small store) and the boys began barking so a rushed them back into the front seat so the dog could pass with out being harassed by the boys. I turn around for just a few seconds, I hear a loud *Thump* and turn around to this!
from the outside

From the inside.

The car was in park, not going anywhere, how can such a small dog do so much damage? And he was sitting there like nothing had happened not hurt, no yelp, no nothing. At that point all I could do was laugh and then of course or usual staff people were there so they demanded to see the boys anyways so Ernest got lots of attention and treats but what can a dog mom do but just learn from her mistakes. I called the vet to make sure I knew what to look for in case he was hurt and just being terrier stoic about it and she said as long as he is acting normal (when does he) and still wants to eat  (when doesn't he) then he is probably fine. The windshield will need to be replaced but how can I stay mad at a face like this?


  1. That is the wildest story. I can believe it. I can also believe he's OK. Too bad about the window....

    Arroooo! Stuart

  2. Goodness! Scotties are hard-headed but that's nuts. Though windshield can get tiny cracks that grow quickly when hit by something, so maybe Ernest just sped things up a little.

  3. Are you sure that sweet little head did that damage?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. BOY!! That is one hard headed Ernest!! remind me NOT to get on his bad side!! BOL